Ristorante Gran Torino is run by Roberto Chiale, who found the perfect counterpoint in Chef Giovanni Macagnino, who manages the kitchen. Both of them -  the heart and soul of the restaurant – go to great lengths to ensure that anyone coming in to dine will enjoy great food accompanied by equally great service.

“I come from a land of small producers and quality products”, says Roberto, who hails from the Piedmont región in Italy. He settled down in Murcia 11 years ago thanks to his background in the food industry. He has years of experience under his belt working in the catering and pastry-making industries. The lack of authentic Italian restaurants in the area drove him to open his first restaurant, although love bloomed for him in Murcia later on. And eventually, he embarked on this project.

He leaves it in the capable hands of Chef Giovanni, who was born in Apulia región in Southern Italy and has many years of experience. He came to Spain more tan 40 years ago and brought with him the secret of making authentic Italian pizza and artisan breads, and above all, the work and know-how vital to classic Italian cuisine.

“Gran Torino is a combination of Chef Giovanni and myself. We have created a cuisine that brings the two of us together”, Roberto remarks. Despite having different tastes, they were able to create a menu that brings the best of both Nothern Italian and Southern Italian cooking – on the one hand, Southern Italian cooking rooted in tradition, and on the other hand, the boldness and experimentation characterising Nother Italian nouvelle cuisine. And the outcome is simple, sustainable, seasonal food with delicious dishes.