Envisioning a restaurant is letting your mind wander, find inspiration and nourish itself from its surroundings. It´s also the perfect occasion to discover your origins, exchange ideas and create dishes that truly embody who we are.

It is with this philosophy that GRAN TORINO has developed its culinary offerings since 2014. Created with a few euros in our pockets, we go beyond the run of the mil, offering authentic home-cooked Italian food, a way of life, with the scent of flour, basil and coffee filling the air. Everything is home made. It´s our way of making and having an influence on the food of tomorrow, by focusing on the food of yesterday.

Offering quality products from an ethical perspective has always been at the very heart of our venture. This is why we use locally sourced products, as well as products brought in from Italy for a truly authentic Italian dining experience. We simple like imagining the dishes we´d like to eat. So, we primarily choose natural products and spend a long time thinking about the final touches. In addition, we ensure that our menú always fits all budgets.

Creativity is also a key aspect of our venture, and we keep ours fed through frequent trips from Southern to Northern Italy. We´re proud of how faw we´ve come over the past four years in terms of our new creations, whether in making pasta, desserts, antipasti, as well as our recent addition of gluten-free and whole wheat pizzas.